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Shailender Kumar

Shailender Kumar

Hi! I’m Shailender, founder of this travel blog “Again”.

I am a traveler, a travel blogger, wannabe photographer and adventure enthusiast. I have been travelling for the last two years and these two years, probably have been the best years of my life. Traveled to distant places, met interesting people, enjoyed various foods, challenged myself, learnt new things and grew as a person.

I decided to travel around the world after working with various corporate for, hold your breath, 20 years. It’s not that I was not traveling then, in fact I was traveling extensively. But, at that time my traveling was mostly work related and involved – airports, offices, meetings, dinners and that’s it. I’m sure many of you are living the same life.

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you are living?”Bob Marley

I always wanted to see the world and experience various cultures and the way people live in various countries and communities.

In 2012, I decided to kick my 9 to 5 lifestyle and decided to travel. And thus the adventure began…Yes, it’s an adventure…coming out of your comfort zone, immersing yourself in new cultures, making new friends, doing new things.

Of course, my family and friends didn’t understand what I was up to. They even thought something gone wrong up there . Frankly speaking, even I was not sure if I was on the right path. But I decided to follow my dream.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

I have been traveling for last two years. I draw my inspiration from so many travel blogs on the net. I am an avid reader of travel blogs and they have helped me immensely in my travel.

The world is a beautiful place and it has so much to offer in terms of people, cities, cultures, foods and what not. And the best part is you need not be very rich to live the life of a traveler.

I don’t think my travelling is going to stop any time soon.

Why this blog?

  • May be I can inspire you to travel the world
  • Give you ideas for your next vacation
  • Help you to learn from my mistakes
  • Make you understand that traveling need not be expensive
  • Adventures are worthwhile

I also have the adventure bug in me and I wanted to experience the adrenalin rush that the adventure sports provide. Now, I am into lot of adventure activities like Scuba Diving, Sky Diving, White Water Rafting, Bungy Jumping, Paragliding etc.

I was travelling in Montreal, Canada and one fine day I decided to go for Sky Diving, till then I had no real experience of any adventure sport. 


This was my first real adventure activity – Sky Diving in Montreal

After this one activity, I got bitten by adventure bug so hard that I added up many adventure activities to my bucket list and now knocking them down one by one whenever I get the opportunity.

To date Sky Diving has been the no.1 adventure activity that I have been involved in, with Bungy Jumping coming close second.

Bungy Jump in Thailand

Bungy Jump in Thailand

Is it affordable?

Travelling world over need not be expensive. I don’t stay in expensive hotels. I love the environment of hostels and guest houses.

Even when I stay in hotels they are not expensive.

With little research and flexibility in travel plan it is not difficult to get good deals on air tickets.

Wherever I go, I like to eat local food. Getting to know one man’s food is a lot to know about him. The food is one of the fun ways to discover the truth about any given country you decide to visit. And anything local is generally not expensive.

Yes, it’s true that even backpacking costs money. So, you need to have your source of income in place to sustain your travel.

There are jobs and skills which can enable you to work from anywhere and travel the world. But for this it is important that you acquire requisite skills. Once you do that, you can work remote for some organization/company or solely on your project. The better skilled you are, it is easier to generate more income, but it takes time.

There are people who are sustaining their travel passion by monetizing their blogs or working part time in their country of temporary residence (like teaching english). There are also who are web developers and they can do their work from wherever they are staying.

Like all of us who take break from the work and go for vacation, I take break from my travel and go to work. I am mechanical engineer and have tied up with some engineering consultants and they do keep offering me small projects and I do take out time to work on these projects. The duration of these projects is 4 to 8 weeks, sometimes even more.

I am also into stock trading. The best part of dabbling in stock market is you don’t need to go to any office, there is no boss, no dress code, what you need is just your laptop, an internet connection and of course the knowledge (most important) – and you can trade from any where in the world. It is one of my source of earning and helps me to stay afloat and travel. The inspiration comes from Wandering Trader.

So Welcome on board…..

My blog,, is aimed at inspiring people to travel and explore the new destinations and cultures and do all this well within the budget. Of course, I will also tell you about my adventure experiences and try to inspire you, if I can.

My blog is new and I am looking forward to lot of support from my readers like you. In the days to come, you will find lot of quality posts which will be informative and inspiring. If you like any of my post, please do share on Social Media. If you don’t like something, that is also OK with me but please keep it up to you only

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