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Had it not been for these travel resources, I don’t know if I would have continued to travel the way I am doing it today. These resources have made my life so much easier, whether I am planning my visit, researching the destination, researching about the prospective accommodation for me, booking the accommodation or booking the air ticket at the best price. These resources / tools are being used extensively by travellers world over, whether they are nomads or vacationers.

I will share here the resources that I frequently use and my experience with them.

This page is frequently updated with all latest information available to help you plan your next travel.



imagesI mostly use this site for booking my accommodation during my international travel. The site is very user friendly and provides you with wealth of information about the hotels with reviews of travellers who have stayed there. You get the information such as location, facilities in the hotel and the price for the dates you are looking for. The best part is, you don’t need to pay anything while making the reservation. You will only pay when you are checking into the hotel. Another good thing is their policy of “Free Cancellation Fees” even when you are making a cancellation at the last minute.

imgresAgoda is yet another great platform for making your hotel reservations. It generates lot of accommodation bookings in Asia, and is right at the top along with They offer absolute lowest prices.


hostelworld logoIf you are looking for cheap and clean hostel then Hostel World are your go to guys. This website covers more than 30,000 properties in about 180 countries. It is probably the best hostel accommodation website with lots of hostel reviews, city guides, photos and backpacking information. The booking process is quite easy and convenient.



airbnb1 logoIf you are searching for an accommodation for a longer stay, say for couple of weeks or more, then the apartments will workout far more affordable than the hotel rooms. I prefer to stay in apartments if I am there for a longer duration. This site,, connects you with homeowners, who rent out their property to travellers. You’ll get the comfort of home and the chance to stay in non-touristy environment, and of course you’ll pay much less than the hotel rooms.


Couch Surfing

Stay with locals instead of at hotels. Want to make friends when you travel and stay free? Well, this is a site where you can book a couch or spare rooms for free. It is a great way of saving money and gets insider view about the city.


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.05.32 PM

You must have seen the travellers from all walks of life stretched out on the airport. It may be due to long lay over or delayed / cancelled flight.Whether you sleep in airport by choice or just get stuck in the airport for various reasons, you can check this site out to make your travel experience more tolerable. The airport guides on this site are very comprehensive with information on lounges, dining options, WiFi availability and ATM locations. Many airports offer rooms to stay for short duration (3-4 hours) and the shower facility, you will get all such information on this site, ‘The Guide To Sleeping In Airports‘.


Air Travel


Google Flight

Oh boy!, it’s fast & wicked fast. This is the reason why Google Flights is probably one of the most popular search tool for air ticket options these days. No page reloading when making changes. Filter by specific airlines or airlines alliances. Excellent in finding lowest fare by dates. The cons : you cannot purchase the tickets directly on this site, you cannot add hotels and taxis/car rentals. But, it is a good tool for seeking second opinion.


Skyscanner logo

Skyscanner is another good tool for searching flight ticket prices. I love some of the search engine features, like being able to search for flights using the “whole Month” filter, searching flights from your departure city to “Everywhere” to find the cheapest destinations to visit and more. I use Skyscanner in combination with Google Flights and Kayak and I usually end up getting some really good deals.


Kayak 2

Kayak is also one of the great search engines that I use extensively. The features that I love are being able to set up price alerts to find the cheapest flights, the Explore tool, and the flexible Date Search.

There are so many other good search engines but since I don’t use them I would like to limit myself to the above three here.



Wiki Travel – I use this crowdsourced website to research new destinations. Like Wikipedia it has contributors called Wikitravellers and they are people who keep the site updated. The information includes general account of the country, attractions, sightseeing, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips, do’s and don’ts. Definitely number one go to site for me when I am planning to embark on a journey for new destination.


lonely planet logoLonely Planet is without doubt again a very popular site for planning your next visit. I use it extensively. They are the largest publisher of travel guides and these books packed with information can come very handy during your travel. Wherever I go somewhere I download the pdf version of the guide of that country on my ipad. You can never go wrong with Lonely Planet guides.

tripadvisor logoTrip Advisor is a forum, where you can get your specific questions answered. The travellers share their experiences and give very good insight into attractions, hotels, things to do and where to eat. Before starting any journey, I spend considerable amount of time reading travellers review on this site. They give first hand account and mostly a true picture is available.

travelfish-logo 2Travelfish is a great resource if you are planning a travel to South East Asia. It covers Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The forum page of this website will have answer to almost all your queries.



World Nomad Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance

Flight tickets, hotels, sight seeing, all have been planned and now you can relax. But what about, emergencies like personal accident or hospital stay in a strange unknown place. What about lost baggage or flight delays? If you haven’t planned for these things, please don’t relax. Yes, you may not require travel insurance, and for that you can always thank God. Travel insurance is not a waste of money. It costs hardly a fraction of your total travel budget and is much cheaper than your normal health care plan.

World Nomads Travel Insurance has been specifically designed by travelers for travelers. You can buy even after you have left home. You can claim and extend insurance online while you’re still traveling. They cover extreme sports too, so go for white water rafting, skydiving, bungy, you’re covered.

 Happy Traveling  –

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